FAL is a comprehensive and lively course for young learners of modern standard Arabic. It delivers the National Curriculum levels for modern foreign languages, featuring:

    • Clear objectives and proper planning for effective learning.
    • Steady and efficient progression of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
    • Creative designs and colourful illustrations to promote improved learning.
    • Each textbook is accompanied by a workbook containing targeted activities to facilitate regular revision and enhance learning.
    • Resources tailored to the needs and abilities of young learners.
    • Contents suitable for multi-cultural environment.

3 Levels of FAL books are currently available:

Fun Arabic Learning – Reception Level, introduces the Arabic language in a friendly and loving manner; it focuses on teaching the alphabet and developing oracy skills through pictures and Rhymes, to enhance letters’ pronunciation and assist with further learning.

Fun Arabic Learning 1, smoothly transitions pupils into basic reading and writing stage. It covers the Arabic letters with short and long vowels, Shad’da Tanween and moon/sun letters via topics of greeting, self, family, friends and food.

Fun Arabic Learning 2, sets the groundwork for development of oracy and literacy skills. It covers everyday vocabulary with their masculine/feminine forms and some basic open and closed ended questioning methodologies, used in simple dialogues.