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Rihab Mohamed

Author and publisher

BSc. MSc. Architecture

Teaching Arabic in UK schools course, SOAS, University of London

About Us

Welcome to “Fun Arabic learning” which was initially developed as an enjoyable hobby.  A Tremendous effort went into developing, piloting and revising the materials. Our dream was to contribute to making Arabic learning easy and fun in the UK, where we are based and in other similar environments.

It started in 2000 when I was looking for suitable materials to teach my classes in Northamptonshire Arabic School. I was the founder and organizer of the school and felt responsible for delivering an efficient and enjoyable learning experience.

I started to design teaching materials and worksheets to complement the available text books, which gradually developed into a series - Fun Arabic Course. My skills from my architectural background, management experience and software design knowledge were great help in visualizing, planning and delivering quality teaching materials.

Ways to enhance the Arabic teaching practices were explored with many teachers with extensive experience in teaching Arabic in UK.  Teacher Zainab Osman - Liverpool, took on the mission of editing, revising and piloting Fun Arabic Learning.  Sincere thanks to everybody who took part in revising and piloting the books.


I used the books to teach my classes in many main stream schools and had the opportunity to develop and update them further.