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Work Programme

Fun Arabic Learning: Work Programme

FAL Alphabet: Attainment targets



  • Recognise letters’ sounds.

  • Imitate some sounds and familiar words.

  • Begin to understand some basic classroom language, respond briefly using single words, symbols or facial expression.

  • Listen to simple action songs, attempt to join in and memories them with support.


  • Read the Arabic letters in their isolated form.

  • Gradually read the first words assisted by images.

  • Match the first words to pictures.


  • Trace dotted letters and colour outlined letters, holding the pen correctly and comfortably.

  • Write the letters in a free space from right to left. 

  • Copy the first words. 


FAL Reception Level: Attainment targets


  • Understand more familiar words and phrases spoken in clear voice, and respond in single words or short spoken phrases.

  • Imitate the sounds and words taught fluently with understandable pronunciation and link to pictures.

  • Listen to ‘my letters” songs then repeat and memorise it with enjoyment and interest.


  • Learn letters’ sounds with the fat’ha/kasra/dhamma vowels.

  • Learn the nature of the alphabet in different positions of words.

  • Read the words taught independently, fluently and aloud - match words to pictures.


  • Write letters in their different positions of words in the right direction and correct form on the line.

  • Copy the words learnt correctly on the line, letters should be accurately formed and properly joined.

  • Link words to the letters they contain.



Fun 1 - Attainment targets


  • Begin to develop the ability to speak using words and simple phrases to express oneself in the classroom and during role play.

  • Show Positive participation during the lesson and answer direct questions related to the lesson.

  • Understand short dialogues read to them, practice the words and use them in role play.


  • Read words with all vowels and the definite article “the” fluently, clearly and aloud.

  • Show an understanding of what is read by responding to the content verbally and answer simple questions.

  • Begin to read short sentences independently and choose some texts voluntarily.


  • Write with handwriting that is more regular and consistent in size.

  • Describe images with appropriate words and phrases and answer simple direct questions.

  • Use full stops and question marks accurately.

  • Spell new words taught correctly.



FAL 2 - Attainment targets


  • Understand and respond simply to short sentences in familiar contexts.

  • Begin to asks for and communicate simple information clearly and voluntarily.

  • Talk about familiar matters and basic topics with understandable pronunciation and some variation in speech patterns.

  • Use the correct expression for masculine and feminine forms in short spoken sentences.


  • Read short sentences in a familiar context accurately and aloud.

  • Show understanding of what is read by answering questions and construct similar sentences.

  • Begin to responds to poetry, stories and factual material by identifying aspects they like/do not like.


  • Communicate by writing short sentences, using familiar patterns to express factual and personal information.

  • Uses full stops, commas and question marks consistently.

  • Spells new words accurately.