FAL Education CIC

FAL Education is a UK based non-profit making company that specialize in Capacity Building for Arabic Educational Settings to promote teaching and learning of Modern Standard Arabic in UK.

We have been reaching out throughout the pandemic to teachers and managers of Arabic supplementary schools and classes to share good practice and deliver a better Arabic learning experience.

Our regular Zoom meetings proved very successful and popular. FAL Community is a network of Arabic teaching practitioners, who have come together to discuss and exchange views about various matters concerning teacher training, classroom management, curriculum, health and safety, managing educational settings, software, and more.

FAL Education

We aim to serve various education institutions by offering consultation, training and advice to managers, teachers and parents. That would assist schools to run more efficiently, improve communication, use advanced technology, share resources, enhance behaviour management, provide support to additional learning needs children and liaise with parents effectively. We are working to enhance Arabic teaching practise by:


  • Create and maintain a network for teachers of Arabic language, facilitating communication and cooperation between them.

  • Share good practice to work towards united and systematic approach to

       teachings, program of study, and Assessment.

  • Carry research into delivering the national curriculum for modern foreign

       language (MFL) in Arabic and develop a program of study (POS).

  • Transfer the vision and POS to schools and teachers.

  • Raise awareness of the need for enhanced classroom environment and

       communicative approach to learning.

  • Advance professional development for teachers by offering information and seeking ways to increase opportunities for teachers training.

  • Improve ways to co-operate with other initiatives to advance Arabic language learning such as the British council who is currently promoting the teaching of Arabic in Mainstream Schools.

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